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Tarot Cards Rings

  1. Color: steel/gold color

    2.Material: stainless steel

    Why choose stainless steel: 1. No rust; 2. Not Allergic; 3. Powerful of anti-acid,anti-alkali; 4. No deformation; 5. Do not fade
1/Unique Tarot card design for a mystical and esoteric look
2/Made of durable stainless steel for long-lasting wear
3/Perfect for men who enjoy divination and spiritual practices
4/Can be used as a magical amulet for protection and guidance
5/Makes a great gift for those interested in tarot and spirituality

Size Reference

Size 6 = 50.3 mm in circumference
Size 7 = 53.4 mm in circumference
Size 8 = 56.5 mm in circumference
Size 9 = 59.7 mm in circumference
Size 10 = 62.8 mm in circumference




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