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  Scrying is a technique of divination , of producing visions, perhaps of the future, through a prol  nged gaze. Scrying was famously practiced by the 16th century astronomer, mathematician and alchemist John Dee with the assistance of presumed impostor Edward Kelley, using a black obsidian mirror.

With its glassy luster, obsidian is a distinctive stone. Obsidian is formed as lava from volcanic eruptions cools within the earth. The speed at which it cools prevents crystallization and the rock forms as solid volcanic glass.

Although its most common colour is black, obsidian can also be found in light brown, brown mottled with black, and black with a beautiful golden or silvery sheen.Obsidian was revered by ancient cultures. It was one of the major barter materials, and prized for its ability to be worked to razor-sharp edges for arrows and spears. It has been used since prehistoric times for making tools, masks, weapons, mirrors and jewellry.


Obsidian helps to protect the very sensitive against depression. It is the stone of the soft hearted and gentle people of the world. Use obsidian to help block negativity of any kind. As a black gemstone, it symbolizes self control and resilience. Black stones have protective energies in the sense that black is the absence of light, and therefore, can be used to create invisibility.




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1inch=25.4mm6-20cm Natural Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror Circle Disk Round Plate Fengshui Mirror Smoking Crystal Stone For Office Home Decor

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