Fireball Wand Magic Fire Wand Wizard Wand That Shoots FireballsBlaster Incendio Wand for Cosplay Birthday Party Gifts Halloween

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Realize the magic: Do you also want to have a magic wand that can turn magic into reality? Our fireball wand only requires you to recite the incantation "incendio" and then press the switch to shoot flames, let's turn magic into reality!
Easy to use: Use the paper, tear and roll the paper. Push it into the wand, then press the switch to launch the flame, the more magic paper the bigger the fire, the further the flame ball will shoot. Portable, no fuel, lighter or anything harmful needed to work.
Great for magic props: the wizard wand is perfect for parties, theatrical role play, birthdays, Christmas, Halloween themed costume accessories. The wand can launch fireballs comes packaged in an elegant wand box and is the perfect gift, you will be charmed by its shape.
High quality wand: The fire wand is made of resin and high quality steel pipe, non-toxic, odorless and well-made. Produce jaw-dropping effects and charm any spectator or passerby with incredibly realistic fireballs!
Note: This is a wand that shoots fireballs, this product is not suitable for children as the wand needs to be used with care. Keep wand away from flammable materials and liquids. Please read all safety instructions and play with caution.
Wand is not only a wonderfull gift but also a worthy collection wand.We upgraded the switch position and caliber, so that it has a more feel and flame spray effect.wands are perfect for party, theater, cosplay, birthday, Christmas, Halloween themed costume accessories.Different wand with different magical power, so enjoy the Fantastic journey in magical world with wand !Product effect: The plot in the power supply is impressive, the magician speaks the language: incendio (hot flames), and the wand sprays flames to ignite the target.Product introduction: The original one-to-one fidelity in the movie, exquisite workmanship, solid materials, the main body has a built-in hollow steel pipe, which makes the wand strong and durable.The props include: wand, 3* Magic Paper,smart USB charging ,Spell list, gift box, gift box protection bag.Precautions: You must watch the teaching before using it. Minors must use it under the supervision of a guardian. Do not shoot at people or flammable objects. You cannot directly see the situation in the launch port with your eyes. Reflection inside the mirror to see what's inside the tube. Do not strike or beat the wand.


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