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Referred to as the goblet in some traditions, or, more simply, the cup, the chalice represents the Goddess and the element of Water. It is a symbol of abundance and fertility, and has several purposes in the Wiccan ritual, including offering libations to the deities and partaking in the cakes and ale ceremony. The chalice may hold water, wine, or ale, depending on the ritual. It may also stand empty in some rituals, as a symbol of opening oneself to the abundance
pouring forth from the spiritual plane.

The Witch and Wiccan Chalice is one of most importance as it signifies the mother Goddess. The altar chalice is placed in the West, the direction of Water and carries Yin energy. It is used as an offertory to the Divine; for ceremonial drinks, and/or to hold the salt-water solution during ritual.


Material: Copper

M: Height:56mm, Top Diameter:40mm , Bottom Diameter:26mm

: Height:80m, Top Diameter:50mm , Bottom Diameter:37mm


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